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East Creek volunteers are a valued and important part of the Centre's life.

Our volunteers generously contribute their time and skills to help make East Creek a vibrant and valuable community service.

Volunteering at East Creek is fun, interesting and rewarding.

Through volunteering with us you will:

  • make a difference to your life and the lives of others
  • have fun and meet new people
  • learn new skills and teach your skills to others
  • challenge yourself and develop professionally and personally
  • gain practical work skills and explore career and job opportunities

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Currently looking for volunteers for.....

Broadband for Seniors

Do you have some computer knowledge? Can you spare a couple of hours a week? Do you think you would you like to help guide our seniors, one-on-one, through a basic online programme so they can learn how to use a computer? If so, please contact the centre on 4639 2755.

Eating with Friends

Do you enjoy going out for lunch each fortnight? Do you enjoy the company of a few friends? Do you have a driver's licence? If so, you might want to think about co-ordinating our Eating with Friends programme. If you think you might be interested, call the centre on 4639 2755 and speak to Sally or Ashlie

All volunteers will need to have a "Blue Card" and Computer tutors will need to have a Police Check.
Both of which can be organised through the Centre.

Volunteer Induction

Go to this link to complete your Volunteer Induction

Go to this link to complete your Secretary Induction

Go to this link to complete your Treasurer Induction

Go to this link to complete your President Induction

Go to this link to complete your 2017 Code of Conduct Training

Go to this link to complete your General Committee Member Training

Read what some of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers have to say...


I started at East Creek midway through 2007.

They were looking for another gardener and as I was half-way through a Cert 2 in Horticulture I decided to apply. Have finished a Cert 3 now and found it easy to do as I was getting hands-on experience. I have learnt by my mistakes. Took out 3rd prize in the 2008 Carnival of Flowers.

Have started to do Floral Art through the Neighbourhood Centre. I have found an artistic side to myself that I didn't know I possessed. I have been successful in two competitions. Took 3rd prize at Gardenfest and a 1st and 2nd at the Camellia Show. All the success has come from the teacher, Heather, as she understands where my creativity is coming from. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic after a day in the garden.


I started at East Creek Neighbourhood Centre on the 14/4/09 after looking for something worthwhile to do. I came in as a volunteer and along the way have made many friends and have gained computer skills which I now use in my everyday life.

My positive experience has been that I met a lot of people both volunteer and general public and have gained an insight as to what the centre can offer the community.

I would recommend the centre to anyone and even if they just dropped in for a cuppa and a chat they would see what we do.

I am enjoying volunteering here and say to others to give it a try.

Reception Database Changes / Notices

1. The OPAP Client Register is now available at reception. If you have any queries as to whether or not a client is OPAP or not, please use it as a reference.

2. The Database can now be edited from multiple computers (albeit a bit buggy). Please be advised that you may encounter errors. If you encounter the errors that imply you 'Do not have exclusive Access' or that the Database 'Cannot Save Access design changes when multiple instances are open', but it still saves and imports data from multiple computers normally (which can be checked by accessing the relevant table), then please ignore it.

3. The 'Visit (Personal)' Service has now been split into OPAP and Non-OPAP section. Please use the appropriate option.

Reminder: Please hand in your responses to the questions provided on the training day if you have not already done so as soon as you can. Additionally, please make sure that volunteers / tutors taking sessions are not recorded with the service they held, but as 'Volunteer', unless they do more as a user in the session than as a volunteer.

(Example, Joe Blow teaches a student English, acting as a tutor the entire time. Record as 'Volunteer'.)

(Example, Joe Blow runs the Crochet Group, but there are no volunteer duties for him to do that day, so he works on his own personal project. Record as 'Crochet Group')

4. You may now notice some names having (O), (A) or other tags at the end of the name. Please use the allocated legend on the middle right hand side of the database to see its meaning and select the correct checkboxes. Please note, not all the tags are still a work in progress.

5. In the event that a person is listed as a 'Visit' (either personal or phone), it is recommended that you write something into the 'Remarks' section about what transpired. This is important as the term 'Visit' is generally used to categorise people who may not have come in for information / a service in the first instance (for example, asked for a specific staff member), but may have been informed / advised / referred / etc.

6. Please note that for Crochet Group attendees who are not OPAP members (or of OPAP age), they may still attend the Crochet Group as 'understudies', who learn from the existing Crochet Group members. As this has happened quite a lot since the introduction of the Crochet Group as an OPAP Activity, we now have a new category called 'Crochet Group Understudy' that we classify these Non-OPAP individuals. Please use this where appropriate.

7. Please make sure to let the IT Coordinator know if certain names do not appear as auto-filled / auto-completed when you are typing in names. He will then make it so names will auto-complete, but he can't do it if he is not notified. Please be aware of this

8. It has come to our attention that while we are encouraging the use of full names for recording, individuals who address themselves by a nickname / other preferred name are usually recorded by this name and not their full name, either verbally or on the attendance register (mostly). This has caused some confusion when updating / collating attendances in the database, so from, 16th August 2016 onwards, please use the individuals preferred name. Please see the example below if you are unsure.

Example: Joseph Blow addresses himself as Jo Blow everywhere but official papers. When he approaches an East Creek receptionist, he addresses himself as Jo Blow, and writes his name on the attendance register as Jo Blow. The receptionist then records the individual's name as Jo Blow in the Database. When he signs up to be a member of the centre two weeks later, it is revealed to staff his name is actually Joseph Blow, but he has been recorded as Jo Blow three times since his first appearance. Continue to record the person as the preferred name, Jo Blow.

9. It has come to our attention that as at the 23rd August 2016, individuals with access to the Database have been overwriting existing records (likely by accident). PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Always check that you are on a brand new record when entering new data. If you are unsure, please ask staff / a volunteer confident in using the Database for assistance. We have hesitated to instigate a system where saved records cannot be edited, as there is a fair number of records that tend to require editing when they are double checked for consistency / accuracy after they have been saved.

10. Please do not overwrite existing records by accident. The Database defaults to the first page, and receptionists must press 'Add' and ensure that the record is blank before entering data.

11. Please be aware that there are three different categories for computer related activities, 'Computers' 'Broadband for Seniors' and 'Tech Savvy' are all different, and have their own requirements. If you are unsure, please ask the IT Coordinator before entering the details.

12. The 'understudy' categories have been fleshed out a bit more (more options added to service categories) to alleviate confusion when Non-OPAP members attend OPAP events as understudies.

13. Please ensure that if you list the service category as a 'Visit' or a 'Casual' that a thorough explanation of the events that transpired are recorded in the 'Remarks' section. Some instances are still being missed.

14. Another service category has been added called 'Social / Community Support' (and its derivatives). This is to be used for when a person attends not for a particular activity, but because they need to communicate / make use of the centre's supportive environment for their personal wellbeing. This has been added because there has been some confusion regarding the use of the 'Visit' service category and whether or not it was an Information scenario or Community Support scenario, when there was not enough information entered into the remarks to make the distinction. This alternative should alleviate the confusion, as all who attend the centre for the aforementioned type of support should be listed under the new category. (Note, this is primarily for OPAP users as the reporting distinguishes more between Information and Community Support, but can be recorded for non-OPAP users under the relevant derivative.)

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